All You Need To Know About WordPress Development

All You Need To Know About WordPress Development


WordPress is an incomparable open-source platform, providing businesses with the most straightforward and efficient method to construct remarkable websites. Utilizing WordPress development gives your business access to a wealth of features that make constructing, managing, and maintaining an outstanding website effortlessly!

Boasting 1.3 billion websites on the internet, an impressive 708 million of these are using WordPress- a platform with 2 million downloads every year and growing rapidly! By 2022, it’s predicted that this number will exceed expectations exponentially.

Starting as a blogging and publishing platform, WordPress has quickly evolved into one of the most used website-building platforms for businesses everywhere. So why exactly is WordPress so popular? Let’s explore what makes it such an attractive choice over its competitors!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) licensed under the General Public License (GPLv2). In other words, anyone can access and use this incredible tool at no cost!

WordPress development is an invaluable tool for companies of any size. From small businesses to large corporations, it provides a unique solution due to its flexibility and user-friendly interface – perfect for blogging, eCommerce sites, and business websites alike!

WordPress development can be used to create a variety of websites, such as:

  • Blogs
  • E-commerce stores
  • Membership websites
  • Business websites
  • Forum websites
  • E-learning websites
  • Professional portfolios
  • Wedding websites

With WordPress, you can build whatever your imagination allows. The limitless backdrop of themes and plugins provides businesses with a wealth of design options and enhanced features to choose from. Unleash the potential of your website today!

Who is a WordPress Developer?

By equipping developers with WordPress Development, businesses can craft stunning websites. A WordPress developer is an expert in customizing the WordPress platform for any company’s unique needs and goals. This way, companies can ensure their website meets all of their exact requirements while simultaneously providing users with a visually pleasing experience.

With an in-depth understanding of the WordPress infrastructure and ecosystem, expert WordPress developers utilize their knowledge to create robust sites that meet a business’s needs. Although coding experience isn’t necessarily required for developing on this platform, having your technical team with specialized skills is invaluable when it comes to creating innovative themes and plugins.

There are three specific types of WordPress developers.

  • 1. WordPress Core Developer: Skilled developers are entrusted to deepen the back-end operations of internal WordPress development software. Performing vital tasks such as coding and improving the platform’s features, ensure that your WordPress experience is nothing short of spectacular.
  • 2. WordPress Theme Developer: Theme developers design custom WordPress themes for their clients or release them to the public on third-party marketplaces like or freely share it in the WordPress Theme Directory.
  • 3. WordPress Plugin Developer: As evidenced by the name, custom plugin developers are key players in WordPress development. They can craft plugins for specific customers or offer them free of charge on online hubs; they may even place them on third-party websites! No matter the route is chosen, these professionals create invaluable tools that make life easier and more efficient for users everywhere.

Advantages of WordPress Development

Benefits of WordPress Development

  • 1. Ease of use: WordPress is an effortless and straightforward platform to use, thanks to its fundamental code base that does not require in-depth coding knowledge. Installing the WordPress system for your website only requires a few simple steps – making it one of the fastest-growing content management systems today!
  • 2. Free. Although you can access the software freely from, if you want to get your website up and running, then investing in a domain name and web hosting is essential.
  • 3. Flexible: Create stunning, interactive websites with WordPress development – the possibilities are limitless!
  • 4. Open-source software: Achieving WordPress’s incredible potential is a collective effort; it belongs to everyone, as no one person or organization can lay claim to its usage.
  • 5. SEO: WordPress makes search engine optimization a breeze! Inserting header tags and keywords into your website is effortless, while plugins such as Yoast SEO can help you keep track of all your SEO efforts. Incorporate WordPress for an easy-to-use way to boost the visibility of your business!
  • 6. Extensible: Developers from all corners of the globe come together to drive innovation and enhance the functionality of software products. The contribution of these community members is what shapes the platform’s distinctive features and propels its performance in a positive direction. There are various themes and plugin options available, or developers can create custom solutions depending on their specific needs.
  • 7. Customizable.: Working with the latest WordPress themes is like having an entire page builder in your pocket! These advanced designs provide developers unparalleled control over their website style, enabling them to customize everything from layout down to the finest detail.
  • 8. Support: WordPress is your go-to platform if you want to upload images, audio, documents, and videos in various formats. You won’t be stuck with the more popular types either – WordPress even supports obscure media files!
  • 9. Security: WordPress’s committed website security squad, made up of both core software developers and users alike, is dedicated to making sure that WordPress remains secure. Unfortunately, most incidents resulting in any kind of security breach arise due to user error rather than the platform itself.

So, why hire a WordPress developer?

For businesses looking to create their official website, WordPress development is a go-to solution. From its pleasantly designed and customizable templates to the multitude of plugins with extra functionalities, it offers plenty of opportunity for companies to explore novel ideas as well as stay up-to-date on current technologies.

Although WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to use, you are going to need a professional developer to create and manage your website. Experienced WordPress developers have mastered the art of designing websites with low bounce rates that effectively generate leads. They also incorporate creative visuals and add-ons in their designs; these tools will help keep users captivated by your site for longer periods!

With their expertise in tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics, Turing’s Intelligent Cloud system is the perfect way to locate talented developers for your WordPress team. Through this platform, you can monitor the success of your website with ease.

As we discussed above, there are many good reasons why WordPress development is a smart choice for your business website or application. From its affordability and ease of use to its versatility and SEO-friendliness, WordPress has the framework you need to build a successful business application.

If you’re looking for an experienced & affordable WordPress development company then consider hopping on a video chat with us! You will be surprised how easy it is to get started! Our support channels are ready and standing by!

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